Animal Medical Care Christmas Pet Safety

It is time to decorate the halls, mantle and tree...all of which are great fun but one has to take care as to not expose our pets to danger that we wouldn't otherwise suspect. Pine needles can both act as a mechanical blockage if eaten in large quantities and can also cause toxicosis (to be discussed later). Flickering flames can cause obvious issues but also don't forget about all those electrical cords used for the lights that our pets can sometimes decide to chew on and that can cause significant electric shocks. Tinsel and wrapping paper are also one of those silly items that certain pets decide to ingest, which can lead to linear foreign bodies and blockages.

Christmas Toxins

In particular chocolate is inevitable available, and even in small doses especially with dark chocolate and some of our smaller pets this tasty treat can be fatal. Other common toxins found out during the holidays commonly are Holiday poinsettias, evergreen needles, Japanese yew and of course...mistletoe. These common items can cause as little as mild mouth sores to as extreme as hemolytic anemia resulting sometimes in death if not treated early. If ever your four-legged friend ingests these items mentioned above or even if you think that they did, it would be a good idea to discuss the issue with your veterinarian immediately.

Finally, during these winter months many of our vehicles are requiring antifreeze at a higher level. If you notice a leak, or if you put antifreeze into your vehicle, make sure your pet doesn't ingest the solution. Clean up the spill thoroughly as ingestion of even very small amounts are 100% fatal.

The holidays are a great time to have fun with our four legged friends and the best present we can give to them is our attention to their safety.

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