Animal Medical Care Spay and Neuter Benefits

Spaying (ovariohysterectomy) our female pets and neutering (orchiectomy) our male pets pays long term health benefits. Altered pets tend to live longer healthier lives than those left intact.

The obvious benefit is in population control. Did you know that one pair of cats can produce 8 kittens per year and each of those kittens then produces an average of 8 kittens per year. The "family tree" will have 300,000 cats by year six. By year seven the original pair can have 2.4 million descendents.

Female dogs and cats that have been spayed before the first estrus have a much reduced chance of developing breast cancer. They also have much fewer reproductive tract infections, fewer fights and fewer auto accident encounters. Further, they don't have the annoying behavior associated with estrus.

Male dogs and cats that have been neutered rarely develop prostate problems. As with the females there is no wandering in search of a mate. Thus, fewer fights and less chance of being hit by a car.

The surgery associated with spaying and neutering has proven to be safe and inexpensive.

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